Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The JOB PERFORMANCE AREAS MATCHING INDEX – JPAMI, and the EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE MATCHING INDEX – EPMI are two instruments developed by using the Big Five personality theory as its foundation.  The Big Five personality dimensions have repeatedly been researched for an empirical link with job performance prediction, and in many studies this link has been found to exist e.g. Barrcik and Mount (1991); Rothman and Coetze (2003); Thoresen, Bradley, Biese and Thoreson (2004).

In the modern day organization of the 21st century human capital management has become a strategic imperative and competitive advantage for organizations.  Recruiting, selecting, placing, developing and retaining the right talent are therefore of paramount importance. To this end the JPAMI and EPMI assessment instruments were developed to enable organizations via an uncomplicated tool, to match their human resource talent with their job requirements in order to ensure job success.  In this regard  Judge, Higgins, Thoresen and Barrick (1999) found that the Big Five personality dimensions correlate very highly as a predictor of career success.

JPAMI: The JOB PERFORMANCE AREAS MATCHING INDEX – JPAMI firstly measures the personality factors expected for a particular job and then measures a person’s personality on the Big Five rationale as it pertains to job related behaviours.  This can be done by utilising a consensus 360 degree input system, resulting in a description of the job personality factors as well as an incumbent’s job behaviour related personality on a continuum of the Big Five factors and their opposite poles.

EPMI: The EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE MATCHING INDEX – EPMI, consisting of a 100 item questionnaire, measures a person’s personality on the Big Five rationale by utilising a web based input system, resulting in a description of said person’s
 personality on a continuum of the Big Five factors and their opposites

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Info Centre

Hi all - remember you can access our info centre on the web for ease of navigation and access to information regarding our test systems, modules and instruments
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Employee Wellness Survey

A warm word of welcome to all the professionals who are responding to our advertisement placed in the Journal of Employee Assistance - July edition.  To learn more about the Employee Wellness Survey, utilise the links provided below.  You might not necessarily want to complete the full survey, but may rather wish to peruse and sample the items only.  That is all in order. You can utilise the same link below and exit anytime during the survey process.  The viewing process is anonymous, no data and/or personal information are gathered and your privacy is guaranteed.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Greetings all - please visit the Surveys module - we are receiving great reviews from users!! - currently we offer:

  • OIPI - Employee Integrity Perception Index
  • EWI - Employee Wellness Index
  • MFOCI - Multi factor organizational commitment Index
The module offers on line administration (web link auto generated for your survey), as well as data gathering and auto report writing capability, inclusive of comparison across surveys and time periods.  Contact Jacques for more information: metrics@wol.co.za

Friday, March 27, 2015

AssessmentWorld Face lift!!

Hi all - see our great new face on www.assessmentworld.com! - we've also added an extensive Info centre function.  Use info center to get background information about the various domains on AssessmentWorld.  Info center also contains specific detailed information on every instrument that is hosted on AssessmentWorld (including things like the level the instrument is aimed at, time limits etc.).  We have also  updated and drop boxed five operating manuals: Psyc tests, Job Profiler, Short Pofiler/ranking, Surveys and Info centre - for inquiries contact Jacques at metrics@wol.co.za