Thursday, March 25, 2021

Organisational Culture 360 degree Survey Instrument

Organizational culture is the collection of values expectations and practices that guide and inform the behaviour of all team members, and is the key to developing the employee behavioural traits necessary for business success.  At, we did a re-think of the culture areas to be included in surveying an organization’s culture, and have defined the sixteen we finally distilled from all the literature, as:


1.    Values

2.    Trust-Security

3.    Engagement-Loyalty-Recognition

4.    Hierarchy- Phlegmatism

5.    Diversity

6.    Civility-Conflict Management

7.    Communication

8.    People-Task Balance

9.    Teamwork

10.  Functional-Specialisation

11.   Problem solving-Innovation-Risk taking

12.   Empowerment-Decisiveness-Urgency

13.   Agility-Change

14.   Purpose-Performance

15.   Growth-Development

16.   Digital-AI-4IR Orientation