Friday, August 14, 2020

Low-No Touch Remote Invigilated Psychometric Assessment Solution



The Covid-19 pandemic has complicated the assessment of large groups of candidates, and even individual candidates via paper & pencil methodology.  The need for an alternative delivery of this service is called for.  AssessmentWorld proposes such a solution.




Form 257 SA Guidelines on Computerised Testing (HPCSA) states, among others, that test developers and administrators should:


“5.2 (i) (page 18) Identify the level of supervision required to administer the CBT/Internet test. Note that in South Africa only Supervised and Managed modes are allowed, and testing sessions need to be supervised by persons registered with the HPCSA to administer the tests being used.

5.2 (ii) (page 18) Managed mode – A high level of human supervision and control over test-taking conditions is required (as in a dedicated test centre)”


AssessmentWorld’s remote online authentication and invigilated assessment solution proposal is derived from its interpretation of the above, and is stated as:


Levels of supervision in a managed mode, given the current pandemic situation, yet the imperative to continue with assessments, should be based on the utilisation of current ICT technologies, and should be in the form of a secure, invigilated, online delivery methodology


The below described methodology adheres to the above stated interpretation.





AssessmentWorld Pty Ltd developed a decentralised, remote assessment procedure, by utilising its own web enabled systems and a bespoke online video/web-enabled verification, invigilation and assessment support modality.  Vital to the delivery of the solution, would be reliable web enabled access, and preferably, the use of a laptop or PC.  Candidates can,  due to the efficient video enabled online verification, invigilation and assessment support system provided by AssessmentWorld, access the proposed solution, e.g. via a home computer, provided that the internet connection is sufficient.


 The below graphic and explanations to follow, refer:

  • Assessors (psychologists, psychometrists, licensed users) register as online assessors/invigilators on the online AssessmentWorld platform (www.assessmentworld .com) 
  • Assessors populate an online e-calendar, indicating their availability on e .g. a specific morning or afternoon for online assessment/invigilation and supervision – an advance 30 day ‘window’ is enabled 
  • Candidates are nominated for remote authentication and online invigilated assessment
  • The solution will link a specific candidate with a specific assessor/invigilator for a specific day and time-slot, e.g. either an afternoon or morning session (e-calendar enabled)
  • To simplify the nomination process, AssessmentWorld provides a single dedicated test invite link to the candidate, for a dedicated online ‘assessment room’ and assessor/invigilator
  • Simultaneously, the assessor/invigilator receives an invite to invigilate, to the same online ‘assessment room’ and invigilation session
  • Once candidates have accessed the test link, they ‘meet’ face-to-face with the assessor/invigilator in a dedicated ‘virtual assessment room’, utilising real-time web-enabled video.  Candidates input their ID and webcam enabled picture of their faces, to enable the invigilator to verify/identity – if there is a mismatch or no match, the candidate is not enabled to proceed with the testing procedure
  • Once verified, the candidate is guided, step-by-step, on screen through the various tests in the battery
  • The assessor/invigilator is, during the full assessment session, able to view candidate and candidate’s test screens on his/her own screen
  • The candidate enjoys real-time, web-enabled, face-to-face support at any point during the assessment procedure, from the assessor/invigilator
  • Once the assessments have been completed, candidate results are auto-populated to the AssessmentWorld web data base for assessors to use for scoring, and reporting

A screen shot of a section of the online solution is provided below (beta version):