Thursday, October 19, 2017

New and Improved AW5 Assessment Site!

AssessmentWorld Pty Ltd is proud to announce that after many months of intense work, its new and improved assessment site is ready to launch on 1 November 2017:

Click to view AW5 operating manual

The AW5 site offers many improved and new user features:

Ø  Updated instrumentation and test presentation

Ø  Enhanced site navigation flows

Ø  Seamless integration of AW modules e.g. 360 degree

and psychometric assessments

Ø  Increased system functionality e.g. determining of default norm group that will be used to reference scores; per instrument, and per candidate

Ø  Generate own norms relevant to own population characteristics

Ø  Setting up of default report that will be used per instrument

Ø  Updated and enhanced  reports and reporting options - generate RTF (word documents) or PDF (Acrobat documents)

Ø  Integrated 360 Degree assessments (no setup required - all dimensions already contain built-in questionnaires)

Ø  Surveys - pre-configured, only nominate participants, the system manages the full process

Ø  Integration of new mobile app allowing respondents of both the 360 degree evaluations and surveys to complete assessments on their mobile phones

Ø  Defining of own assessment groups - this helps with coordinating large projects, and keeping data manageable

Ø  Setup multiple users on the same account

Ø  Easy payment options with Paypal

Ø  Improved ease of data management